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JPEG - 21.6 kbCan I come home at any time?
Yes, with your badge.

Can I receive guests?
Yes, two maximum simultaneously and for up 23 hours. It is possible to accommodate one person (up to a maximum of 10 nights per month) with a supplement to the rent.

In “La Vigie” residence, comings and goings are authorised from 5am until 1.30am, except Fridays and Saturdays when the residence remains open. You can receive guests only in the common rooms up to 10pm.

Must I take out additional insurance?
You are covered for civil liability, but it is preferable to have an insurance policy that covers your personal effects.

For residences with restaurants, do I have to pay the “breakfast and meal” pack? Yes, the pack is compulsory.

Can I cook in my room?
Yes, but only if the room is equipped with a kitchenette.

When will I have an answer to my application?
Since the room availability schedule is known 15 days in advance, only those whose application has been accepted will be contacted.

Pour toute autre question, contacter directement le foyer.

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